We Are Committed

Together We Are Strong

Kansas ASCD invites you to become a member of our active and responsive organization. KASCD members work together to build capacity and community among learners, teachers, and leaders dedicated to the success of each learner. By ourselves, we are weak, but together we are strong!

The organization is an affiliate of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).

Membership in ASCD and its affiliates is separate. You may belong to ASCD; you may belong to an affiliate; or you may belong to both. But if you are an ASCD member, you are not automatically a member of your local affiliate. We would love for you to become a part of the Kansas ASCD network of dedicated educators.

Why do Educators choose to join KASCD?

Several join to enjoy discounts to KASCD sponsored and co-sponsored events. Many join to access valuable professional information via the web site, connect to colleagues all across the state using the wiki board on our new web site, or to access the resources needed in our complicated jobs every day. Others choose to join in order to become a part of a community of dedicated educators like themselves. A growing number choose to become involved in the leadership necessary to influence education in Kansas and at the national level. We choose to advocate for the educational issues consistent with ASCD beliefs and values. We hope to take our ideas to the state legislature in the future. And the benefits of joining KASCD continue to grow!