We Are Educators, We Know What Works

Having Our Say

Whether taking a stand on specific legislation such as No Child Left Behind or working with other national educators on the ASCD 2013 Legislative Agenda, we are education professionals who firmly believe in doing what we can to affect and influence legislative decisions involving students and learning.

Education Advocates

Throughout the year, members of KASCD work with the national ASCD organization on an ongoing basis. In particular through a new program known as Educator Advocates, members who sign-up and enroll in the program receive e-mail alerts alerting members to when their actions can make a critical difference. The ASCD provides materials and information to make sure member advocacy time is minimal, but has the most impact.

Annual Leap Institute

In addition to ongoing, yearly activities, member representatives gather in Washington D.C. for an annual event known as the Leadership Institute for Legislative Advocacy (LILA). Participants at the event hear from Washington insiders, discuss current legislation moving through Capitol Hill, and prepare to actively engage policymakers on issues of greatest concern to ASCD Educators The LILA Institute is a powerful training event to prepare every attendee for work in the areas of influence and policy.

Join the ASCD Campaign for the Whole Child!

ASCD has some exciting new resources to share with you for your work supporting the whole child! We hope, of course, that each of you has visited, signed the pledge, opt-ed in to receive the newsletter. Over 10,000 people nationally now receive the newsletter every other week and more than 3500 have used the “Grade your school and community” tool on the website. KASCD is studying the Whole Child initiative and making plans for our state in this important campaign!

ASCD has`a short video on You Tube that dynamically captures the message of the whole child. If you haven’t seen it yet (over 45,000 people have viewed it to date), it is definitely worth your time!

We hope that you will find use each of the tools we have developed and that you will let us know how they work for you as we continue to develop the whole child campaign! Please feel free to contact KASCD with questions or concerns and thank you for all you do to support the whole child! Please stay tuned for more details and information. The Campaign for the Whole Child is running at full steam ahead!

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